SAVE your Google Analytics data

Don't lose your data
after Google Analytics v3 closes down on July 1st 2023.

Export a formatted PDF & extensive Excel data 
- comprehensive reports most used by marketing experts world-wide
- enable YoY comparisons
- enable future analyses

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Why do I need to act now?

Do you still have Version 3 of Google Analytics a.k.a. Universal Analytics running on your website? This is very likely if you set up Google Analytics more than 1 or 2 years ago. You should act now because:

Why do I need GA3-exporter?

How it works

Safe your data in 3 easy steps

Connect Google Analytics

Use your Google Account to connect GA-Exporter with your Google Analytics Account

Select View

Select the Google Analytics Account , Property and View you want to export


The report is generated and will be downloaded as a zip file containing a PDF report and the corresponding Excel files.

Get a comprehensive report of your site's analytics history

Everything you need to know when comparing your future performance to past periods

Audience & Site Behavioural Overview

View data on Users, Sessions, Pageviews, Bounce rate, Session duration and more for the last year and the last 5 years

Akquisition and Attribution

Analyse different Channels and their performance on your website.

E-commerce data

The PDF reports also contains the history of your e-commerce data including the revenue history as well as product performance.

Events and Goals

See the history of relevant Goals and Events over time for the last year and the last 5 years

Download a comprehensive data set

Everything you need to work with your history data in Excel

Export XLS files for further analysis

Get comprehensive XLS files containing monthly grained data to rebuilt the report in Excel or own analyses.

Plans & Pricing

Choose one of our plans depending on your needs.


100k visitors per year
Limited PDF Report
Excel Data Export
Email Support
up to 10 exports until July 1st
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$79 excl. VAT
100k visitors per year
Full PDF Report
Excel Data Export
Email Support
1 Property
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$99 excl. VAT
1M visitors
Full Report
Excel Data Export
Email Support
1 Property
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from $1000
Our data analysts will create custom reports / exports for you
Own reports
Own dimensions and metrics
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Service is directed at businesses. Prices do not include local VAT. VAT may be added during checkout depending on location.
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