Export Universal Analytics Data with Ease

Universal Analytics has been replaced by Google Analytics 4. Soon, on 31. June 2024, all your data will be deleted by Google. Keep your historic data in the future-proof formats Excel and PDF reports or export to BigQuery

Export your Universal Analytics data now!

Are you using Universal Analytics to gather valuable insights into your website's performance? If so, we have some important news for you. As of July 1, 2023 Universal Analytics has now been replaced by Google Analytics 4. Soon, on 31. June 2024 all the data stored on Google servers will be permanently deleted. But worry not! We have the perfect solution to ensure you don't lose your precious data.

You have 4 options to export your UA Data now:

We are introducing GA3-exporter that enables you to export Universal Analytics data into Excel and PDF reports effortlessly. With just one click, you can securely export all your data and preserve your historic records for future analysis and reference.

Why to use GA3-exporter?


Quick and Easy Export

Forget about spending hours manually exporting data using the per report export options in the Google Analytics interface. GA3- exporter simplifies this to a few clicks, saving you time and effort.


Preserve Your Historic Data

Don't let years of valuable insights vanish into thin air. GA3-exporter allows you to export your Universal Analytics data before it's too late, ensuring you retain access to important historical metrics.


Effortless Integration

Simply connect to you existing Google Analytics Account, choose the Property to export and download future-proof data sets in Excel and PDF format.


Comprehensive Reporting

From our experience in consulting customers in Analytics over a decade, we compiled comprehensive reports that encompass all the crucial metrics and dimensions from your Universal Analytics data. Analyze trends, track performance, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Alternative Universal Analytics export options

Per Report Export Options in the Google Analytics Interface

If you prefer to manually export individual reports, you can still do so using the per report export options provided by Google Analytics itself. On top of every report in the Google Analytics Interface you find a drop-down with export options. However, this method can be time-consuming and tedious. Also, these reports will export 5000 row at max per report.

3rd Party Data Integration Tools

While some 3rd party tools like Supermetrics, Matillion, Funnel.io, and Fivetran offer data integration capabilities, it's important to note some potential drawbacks. These tools often require additional setup, configuration, and may involve recurring costs. This also includes specific knowledge on the Google Analytics data model to choose the dimensions and metrics you need. GA3-exporter eliminates these complexities, providing a straightforward solution without the need for extra expenses.

Google Analytics Reporting API

The Google Analytics Reporting API can be an option for advanced users with specific technical requirements. However, it typically requires programming skills and extensive API knowledge. GA3-exporter offers a user-friendly alternative that anyone can utilize, regardless of their technical background.

Don't let the Universal Analytics shutdown leave you in the dark

Preserve your data, preserve your insights. Start exporting your Universal Analytics data now with our powerful exporter tool. Don't wait until it's too late!

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