GA3-exporter Reward and Affiliate Program.
Earn a 15% commission.

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Our Reward Program

We offer a reward program that allows our users to share GA3-exporter discounts with partners, followers or friends. Each participant of the reward program gets a unique reward code to share. Whenever the code is used by another user to purchase a package, the participant earns a share of the price. Please carefully read our terms and conditions of the program. Here is a short summary:

  • 15% for your referred user, 15% for you
  • No reward for canceled packages
  • Payout after ~2 months retention period
  • Payout only via Paypal, minimum 10€
  • Paypal fees are on you
Payout configuration

How can I share GA3-exporter?

You can share any way you like. We will provide you with your specific reward code as well as with a link that will auto-apply the reward code. Sharing options include:

We recommend to test the product with your own Google Analytics data first and then write and share your personal experiences. Contact us if you need test access to the product here

How can I enter the reward program?

Just follow these steps:

Promotional Assets

Here you'll find a range of useful assets to help you promote GA3-exporter and start earning. 

Save your Google Analytics 3 data with GA3-exporter


Each heading is the copy that appears on the assets. Find the copy and asset size that meets your needs.


GA3-exporter explainer
YouTube demo video

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