Export GA3 data with Supermetrics and Alternatives

Export GA data with Supermetrics

Google Analytics 4 has replaced Universal Analytics (UA) as of July 1, 2023. Universal Analytics properties have stopped processing data, it's the perfect time to export GA3 data for the final time.

There are many ways to export your important data from your Universal Analytics property. However many businesses are turning to user-friendly third-party providers.

When you are searching for a third-party tool to export GA3 data, you are likely to come across Supermetrics. Supermetrics integrates data from over 100 platforms into your existing reporting and analytics tools. This includes ga3 data exports into a range of reporting and analytics tools. 

Another less known, albeit nifty, alternative is GA3-exporter. A purpose-built tool and a less expensive alternative for exporting Universal Analytics data. In this guide, we’ll compare and contrast the two tools.

Supermetrics features

Supermetrics provides a range of features to assist businesses in exporting google analytics data. These include:

Export GA3 data

Alternatives to Supermetrics

While Supermetrics has a range of features, most are unnecessary to export your Universal Analytics data for the final time. GA3-exporter, as the name suggests, is a tool specialising in exporting Google Analytics 3 data. Data is exported to a range of future proof formats quickly and easily. GA3-exporter setup is super simple, and it’s a very user-friendly option; you don’t need to be a developer or have tech know-how to use the product.

GA3-exporter offers:

Export GA3 data export

What’s the difference between GA3-exporter and Supermetrics?

GA3-exporter differs from Supermetrics in several ways that impact how users save and store Universal Analytics data.

Universal Analytics to BigQuery

GA3-exporter vs Supermetrics: Universal Analytics export

This table breaks down further differences between GA3-exporter and Supermetrics.

GA3-exporter Supermetrics
Ease of setup Simple. Approximately 10 mins to setup & export data. Complex. Separate setup for Google Sheets and BigQuery
Predefined reports Yes. Built to cover primary marketing analytics use cases No. Users must define their own metrics and build their own reports
Subscription One Time payment Subscription
Pricing 79€ - 139€ one time fee 69€ - 499€ per month
Free trial Limited Free Version Limited Free Trial
PDF report for fast, visual insights Yes No
Spreadsheet data export Excel Google Sheets
Direct Data Warehouse Upload BigQuery BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake and others
Data time granularity Monthly Daily
Raw or aggregated data Aggregated Aggregated
Data time range Full as available on Google Analytics Configurable

Other Considerations: Choosing the export format

With the Universal Analytics impending data deletion on July 1, 2024, it’s important to consider whether your export format is future-proof. This includes whether your business will continue to use the same reporting tools in years to come. GA3-exporter allows you to export GA data to three popular formats giving users a lot of flexibility.

Export GA data to PDF:

Export GA data to Excel:

Export GA data to BigQuery:

By exporting your Google Analytics data, you can future-proof your marketing and data analytics. Learn more about how to export your data with GA3-exporter

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