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Universal Analytics now been replaced by Google Analytics 4. GA3-exporter is the fastest and easiest way to save your UA data before you lose access. Export comprehensive reports to back-up your business' history and enable future analyses. PDF, Excel and BigQuery exports available.

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GA3-exporter: Export your Google Analytics 3 data in bulk

Why should I export my Universal Analytics data now?

Universal Analytics has stopped collecting data as of July 1 this year. You should download your Universal Analytics data now because:

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Export Universal Analytics data to PDF, Excel or BigQuery

There are different formats to store your Universal Analytics data for the future. Ideally you save it in different formats to facilitate different use cases, like fast visual insights, custom spread sheet analyses and integration into your data landscape.



PDF gives fast visual access to your data without creating transforms and charts in Excel or other tools



Excel gives you the freedom to do any analysis on your own including uploading the data to a data warehouse



BigQuery gives you enhanced abilities to integrate the data with your existing data landscape for explorative analysis

Why choose GA3-exporter

Fastest way to export

Export your Universal Analytics data in a few clicks. Google only allows you to download single charts and reports manually which is time-consuming.

Flexible export formats

Options to export your Universal Analytics data to PDF, Excel and/or BigQuery depending on your needs.

Curated data sets and reports

Download extensive data sets and reports for a wide range marketing use cases, prepared by our web analytics experts.

Download comprehensive Universal Analytics reports curated by our Web Analytics experts

You'll save the necessary reports to compare your future website performance to past periods and perform more complex analyses.
Universal Analytics (UA)

PDF & Excel reports to to keep your Business' history

Get an overview of your Site's historic performance. Get detailed reports on Audience & Site Behaviour, Acquisition and Attribution, Events and Goals and E-Commerce data. 

Get extensive Excel Data for future Analyses. Upload to BigQuery for more data intensive use-cases.

Export your Universal Analytics Data Now

GA3-exporter only requires a Google Account with Access to one or more Universal Analytics properties. Export you data in just a few clicks.

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